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  • Radioguide
  • Audioguide
  • Simultaneous interpreting systems
  • Satellite guided excursion system
  • Organization of conferences and forums
20 hours on internal battery

Transmitter RG–07

W × H × D:
60 × 91 × 16.3 mm
Neck strap

Microphone socket

Power LED

Volume adjustment buttons.

Charger socket.
Turn 180°
Transmitter can be used as one-way radio device for communication between guide and tourists. Single transmitter can broadcast to unlimited number of receivers. And since every transmitter can broadcast on 250 channels, it means that in any location there can be up to 250 groups of tourists listening to their own guide without any interference.
2 body colours
ISM range
2.4–2.483 GHz
Digital channels:
93 dB
Output power
20 hours on battery power
20 hours on internal battery
Charges in
8 hours
Device weight
70 g
Has charger socket
Digital radio transmitter RG-07
Radioguide transmitter in appearance resembles a plain radio, the only difference being its added functionality. It has two buttons, one for powering on the device or for selection of frequency if the device is already powered on, the other turns device off.