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37 hours on battery power

Receiver RG–07

W × H × D:
60 × 91 × 16.3 mm
Neck strap

Headphone socket

Power LED

Volume and frequency adjustment buttons.

Charger socket.
Turn 180°
Receiver Radioguide is a digital device in polypropylene body with two buttons for volume and frequency adjustment.
Comes in 5 body colours
ISM range
2.4–2.483 GHz
Digital channels:
93 dB
37 hours on battery power
20 hours on internal battery
Charges in
8 hours
Device weight
105 g
Built-in antenna
Has charger socket
Receiver can be set up in 2 seconds using following procedure:
Each transmitter is set up to broadcast in one of 250 frequencies. Frequency setting of the transmitter can be changed by simultaneously pressing both buttons on the transmitters body and then pressing both buttons again after 3 seconds. After that transmitter sends a set-up signal through service channel, which is then received by receivers and stored in non-volatile memory. Thus next time receiver is powered on this procedure does not have to be repeated. The user of the receiver will simply have to adjust volume.