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Broadcast range up to 250 metres

Simultaneous interpreting system IntelRG

Remote IC–10
Устройство ввода аналогового сигнала в сеть Ethernet (AIPIn) и сетевой коммуникатор.Device for conversion of analog input to Ethernet network (AIPIn) and netwoek switch
Radiomodule, that transmits signal to auditorium.
Two headsets for IC-10 control panel
Multichannel simultaneous interpreting system IntelRG is an original, practical and mobile solution. It is a complete solution for all your simultaneous interpretation needs.
ISM range
2.4–2.483 GHz
Transmission channels: 120
Mobile system
CD quality audio 44,1 kHz, 16 bit
Broadcast range - 250 metres
Secure communications
Control panels connected trough IP network
Control panel with Touchscreen
Lost device
The main differences between our system and available infra-red and radio simultaneous interpretation systems:
  1. No special requirements for configuration of room of the venue.
  2. No infra-red transmitters means higher mobility of the system as a whole and faster deployment times.
  3. The system can be used outdoors, since it can work from batteries, hence no need to plug-in to electrical grid.
Principle of operation
  1. Signal from microphone is received in analog-to-digital converter.
  2. Digital signal is transmitted to network switch.
  3. Network switch distributes signal to interpreters' control panels (IC10).
  4. Control panel (IC-10) transforms digital signal to analog and sends it to interpreter's headphones, who does simultaneous interpretation (for example form French to English).
  5. The sound signal from the first control panel (in English) is then transformed to digital signal and sent to the panel of the second interpreter.
  6. The panel (IC-10) of the second interpreter converts signal back to analog, then to the headphones of interpreter, who translates from English to German.
  7. Further audio signal is again converted to digital and sent back to network switch.
  8. Network switch sends signal to radio module.
  9. Radio module broadcasts signal in 2.4-2.483 GHz frequency range, which is then received by RG-07 receivers in auditorium. Finally receiver converts signal to analog and plays back audio in headphones (in user's chosen language, in this case either English, German or French).