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Souvenir Audioguide MC-15

W × H × D:
48 × 108 × 14 mm
Souvenir Audioguide MC-15 – next-generation equipment for individual tourists. MC-15 model is available in plastic housing and is adapted to application of brand marks (branding).
After operation Audioguide can be used as a souvenir magnet or an MP3-player.
The device weighs merely 50 g
2 headphone jacks
Battery life – up to 10 h
The content volume depends on the data storage card
32 volume levels
Endless possibilities in design
Souvenir Audioguide МС-15 operates in manual mode – the device is used as a portable player. In order to enjoy the relevant excursion audio recording, just press its number on the keyboard.

One can also use the paper excursion quick reference map, which makes it possible to stop the recording at any time of the excursion in order to see around the place of interest with comfort and without haste.
A unique Audioguide design to suit any needs!