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Company facts

More than 10 years on the EU and CIS market
Radioguide was founded in 2004. Since then we have established ourselves as one of the industry leaders.
Manufactured in Europe
Radioguide's manufacturing capacities are located in the European part of Russia – in Saint Petersburg.
Unique digital technologies
Radioguide has developed and patented a number of technologies, that have no known alternatives.
Eco-friendly manufacturing – no CO2 emissions
Radioguide adheres to most stringent manufacturing requirements.
Testing of every produced device
Each produced device goes through multiple testing procedures.
Our equipment has been used by more than 10 million users.
That is approximate population of Sweden!
24/7 support service
Radioguide will be happy to help you resolve any difficulties you may encounter at any time.
Our company has received dozens of international awards
Radioguide has received dozens of awards and honours for various accomplishments.
Company history
Radioguide is founded, development of advanced digital technologies is begun. In parallel a convenient and user friendly interface is designed, and shortly after designs of the first devices.
Sergey Davletshin, Oleg Vorobyov
Radioguide equipment sees its first deployments on cruise ships. We become one of the few companies that utilise 2.4 – 2.483 GHz frequency range.
2.4 – 2.483 GHz
RG-07 system enters production. New system incorporates all features of the previous generation with technical and design improvements.
Development of simultaneous interpretation system is started. Later that year first prototypes are field tested and are praised by both interpreters and event attendees.
Simultaneous interpretation system IntelRG enters into production. New system features intuitive and comprehensible interface, high level of usability, fast deployment, high audio quality, approaching CD quality.
Audioguide device is released. It has all the functionality of the RG-07 system and fundamentally new additional features. The first version of ENRG system is released.
Radioguide opens the first office abroad in Prague. In the meantime preparations are made for opening of new offices and representations in EU and other countries.
A number of devices are redesigned to use 863 – 865 MHz frequency range. Updated version of simultaneous interpretation system IntelRG with new features is released.
863 – 865 MHz
The International Global economics conference is held on the Moon.
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